Si and Jia’s family

This was the second year we had a session with our friends Si and Jia’s family. Last year, their younger daughter barely walked. This year, she was fearlessly climbing up and down the structures in playground. These two little angles were playful and not shy in front of the camera, leaving a lot of laughs and joyful moments.

Yimei and Julian’s Family

We became friends of Yimei and Julian because their daughter was in the same kindergarten class of our younger son last year. Their happiness and humor always impressed us. When they approached us about the opportunity of having a photo session, we felt so excited. It turned out to be a memorable session – full of love and joy throughout the entire time. We captured many many moments of this lovely family.

The Anderson Family

Our friends Yuki and Gregory gave us an opportunity to have a session with their beautiful family. We had known each other for several years because our children went to the same elementary school and were even in the same classrooms. We loved the fact that they all wear the same style of clothes during the session. It was such a great idea!

Meet Sabrina and Phuong Again

My friends Sabrina and Phuong were moving. They would like to leave some memory of their old place. So they invited us to have a session at their old home and a park nearby. We had a wonderful time together! We had to admit that we melted at the moment seeing Skyler and Ethan again. They were the most adorable boys we had ever met!