Jingmin is a professional photographer and IT consultant based in San Francisco bay area. He splits his time in these two areas.

Jingmin’s passion of photography was deeply rooted by his father, who photographed Jingmin’s growth from a newborn to college by his cameras. In addition, Jingmin’s father documented details of every photo, such as the date, event, etc. This precious memory was invaluable to Jingmin. It motivated Jingmin to pick up his own cameras and record the life around him. Over the past decades, he has developed a long lasting love of photography. His main focus of photography include family, children, and landscape.

Jingmin started to get in touch with computer security since his days in college more than two decades ago. Over the years, he developed his expertise in the field through academic and industrial trainings. He has had broad hands-on experiences in many aspects of computer and network security, including network protocol analysis, intrusion detection, vulnerability analysis, forensic analysis, static program analysis, secure system design, and system hardening.