Sunrise on Yosemite Meadow

This is probably the most photographically loved tree on the meadow in front of Yosemite Fall. 🙂 I discovered it from many wonderful photos from other photographers. I also went to the meadow in November of 2014 to shoot this tree. However the result was not satisfactory. This year I visited the same place to make a second try after merely four hours of sleep. Although most of the leaves on the top half of the trees were gone, there were still many leaves on the bottom half of the tree. I felt much better with the photos this year. Only wish there were some clouds in the sky and more leaves on the tree.

The Wound of Earth

I was fascinated by the unique colors of a hot spring at West Thumb of Yellowstone. With steam of the springs at a distance and deep dark red earth along the water flow, the scene looked like hell. On the other side, the dark red earth extended all the way into Yellowstone Lake.