Violin girl

We had a wonderful photo session in Stanford University campus with our friend Kaiyu’s family. Her old daughter, Joey, is learning violin. She brought her violin to the session, and we captured a few photos for her with her beloved instrument.

Sabrina and Phuong’s family

I realize that I have known Sabrina and Phuong for nearly a decade since Phuong and I started working in the same company in 2007. When Phuong left the company to pursue new opportunity four years ago, they did not have children. This time, they have two lovely boys running around. What a nice family they are!

A gorgeous family

My friend Arnita asked me if I could take some photos for her family. I immediately replied yes. She and her husband have two beautiful daughters, who go to the same school as my children. We had a fun photographic session this afternoon and captured a lot of sweet moments of her family. Here are two samples.

Gingko fun

One of the best things of kids’ school was that there were several gingko trees on campus. Every autumn, leaves on the trees changed color and eventually the lawn was covered by yellow leaves. Before heading out to our camping trip today, we played on the lawn.

A portrait

We took a few portrait photos while enjoying the beautiful yellow of ginkgo trees on a street in Palo Alto today. Here is one of the photos. Yes, the yellow color in background were ginkgo leaves.