Loneliness, Lassen Volcanic National Park, 07/04/2021

This pine tree stood on the volcanic ashes of Cinder Cone volcano. In the morning of July 4th, when we walked around Cinder Cone towards Painted Dunes, this tree caught our eyes. The straight line of the hill of Cinder Cone split the frame and created this simple but powerful composition, allowing the pine tree to stand out of the background of bright sky. This is the kind of photo that we were always looking for.

Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park, 07/04/2021

Painted Dune is famous for its colorful dunes created by volcanic ashes. In this morning, we were hoping for a spectacular sunrise, but the sun never broke out of thick clouds. However, we found these two pine trees standing right in front of several dunes. The color contrast between the trees and the dunes is too good to be missed.

Valley and Mountain Peaks of Sierra Nevada, Kings Canyon National Park, 07/24/2021

Kings Canyon National Park keeps its low profile between the famous Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. The vantage point of Moro Rock offers a breathtaking view of a beautiful valley and a panoramic view of high Sierra mountain peaks at far distancde. In clear days, when visibility is excellent, it is possible to see Mt Whiteney from this point. Standing on top of the rock and looking at this grandeur view is a once-a-life-time experience which is hard to forget.