Sunrise at Yellowstone Lake

When I woke up in the morning, it was near 6AM. I looked at the sky and felt that it is too late to drive to Lewis Lake. So I decided to go to the nearest shore of Yellowstone Lake, which is only five minutes away from our camp site. There were heavy clouds over the lake. Fortunately there was an opening in the clouds on the east side and it is exactly where the sun would appear. I quickly setup my tripod on a picnic table and was ready to shoot. As the sun slowly rise up, it started to rain. A small segment of rainbow appeared on the west side of the sky.

Sunrise of Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon is with no doubt one of the most spectacular canyon on earth thanks to its rich colorfulness. When I arrived at the parking lot of inspiration point of north rim drive, to my surprise, it was completely empty. It was as if all the photographers on earth had disappeared except me. Over an hour, I was the only person to witness the splendid sunrise. I felt that the beauty of Yellowstone Canyon is beyond any words.